Busting Myths About SEO Copywriting

It can be tough developing an online strategy for your business, especially if you’re an offline sort of guy. The more information that’s out there, the harder it can be to make a decision. And there lots of information on there.

And misinformation. And disinformation.

Unfortunately, the SEO industry rarely helps you cut through the clutter. Even worse, some of the bad advice that’s been passed around by every youngster with an internet connection has taken a hold on the minds of many small business owners.

I want to take a few minutes and knock down a few myths about SEO and its impact on copywriting.

1. SEO Copywriters Have A Specific Set Of Skills

Believe it or not, an SEO copywriter, a copywriter, and an article writer aren’t exactly the same. While a copywriter specializes in sales language, and an article writer looks to convey information, an SEO copywriter has a mixture of those skills: conveying information in a way that attracts both humans and search engines.

2. SEO Optimization Costs Extra

Be suspicious of SEO writers who promise work for an extremely low price. Too low, and you’ll probably be stuck working with someone in the third world whose command of the English language is supbar – which is vital for obvious reasons.

If anything, you should expect to pay more than the average rates for SEO copy, because you want elegant writing that still grabs the search engines.

3. Good SEO Copy “Reads Normal”

With the recent changes to Google’s search engine metrics, pages filled with keywords that feel as if they were written by Serbian spam robots are even less relevant than before.

Don’t blindly ask a copywriter to add more and more keywords in the hopes that it will raise your ranking. Search engines haven’t worked that way for a long time.

4. Not Just Experience, But…

Experience is important for any job – but looks can deceive when it comes to SEO. If you aren’t sure how competitive the targeted keyword is, it’s easy to be fooled by someone who quickly ranks for an easier keyword.

And someone who doesn’t have a large portfolio of results might not be a bad SEO copywriter. Don’t just look for experience, look for an explanation of their results, how they achieved them, and why they can replicate them for your website.

5. They Can’t Do Everything Overnight

SEO is more unpredictable than ever. The more competition is out there, the harder it is to get ranked. So be suspicious of someone who claims that they can give you results overnight, or even over a couple of weeks.

Basically, an SEO copywriter can “tag” your website with words and let search engines know that you’re relevant. But that isn’t all there is to SEO. Even article submissions can’t do everything alone.

You need a comprehensive strategy that includes links to and from authority websites in your niche and social media. This is generally the domain of a link building and SEO specialist and not a writer.

6. Keywords Matter

Are you sure about the words you’re trying to rank for? Before you ask a copywriter to target a set of keywords, you should talk to a keyword researcher and get your site appraised. Often the keywords you *think* are most relevant for your business either aren’t as important as you think, or can be supplanted by other keywords that get the same target audience with less competition.

Remember that, generally speaking, the more specific and targeted your keywords are, the better chance you have of ranking highly on the search engines and converting your visitors into customers.

SEO is a valuable tool in any business owners arsenal. But when you have the wrong expectations of what it is and what it can do, you run the risk of frustrating “the help” – and yourself! Vision and patience are incredibly helpful if you want a website that’s both visible and sells well.

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