Choosing The Right School For A Journalism Career

More and more people are getting into journalism career because they feel that this is one profession that would give them freedom in terms of work schedule, office attires, and even in speaking their minds.

If you are one of those people who are looking forward into a journalism career, it is best if—as early as—now, you would start qualifying yourself for the position. The best thing that you need to do is really know if the journalism career is really what you want to do. It is best to understand the industry very well first before you finally decide on it.

You can do this by conducting a simple research on how it is like to have a journalism career. You can find many articles—some of these are even written by prominent figures in the newspaper industry—and ask yourself if you are willing to take this path. Once you have decided, you now have to earn the credentials needed for it or that can help you to achieve that goal of having a journalism career.

To earn the right credentials that can help you a take a notch higher in realizing your dream, it is ideal to enroll to a journalism school. This is because enrolling in a course that is directly related to it can help you understand the industry better and would also help you to be properly equipped for it.

What to consider

Today, there hundreds of journalism colleges and universities that offer various programs that are related to a journalism career. For you not to waste time studying in a school that won’t really help you once you have finished, it is best to be meticulous in choosing the right school before you finally enter it.

1. Choose the one that will fit your needs and personal preference. This is very important in choosing a journalism school because it will help you realize what it is that you are about to enter. You need to know what are your needs in terms of skills training and find out if the school can cater that need. You should also take time to consider if you really like the school and its programs not only because of the name or the popularity but the structure of the programs offered as well.

2. Choose a school that would allow you to pick your own professors. In regular schools or courses, the school usually decides who is the professor who will teach you. But since a journalism course is all about hands-on experience, it is best to choose a school that would give you freedom to choose who will be the ones who will be teaching you. This is very important because you will be able to get the first hand accounts from them.

If you don’t have an idea who are the professors to choose, you can do a research on the faculty of the school. Look for the ones who you think are the best reference persons to you. Many of the faculty in journalism schools nowadays are into academics and they are not even media practitioners. Although they can be beneficial in honing your skills and knowledge, it will be better if you choose those professors that have experience in working as a journalist so he or she can help you start with your own journalism career.