Copy That Converts Businesses

Here’s a small question that can have a big impact on your business. Is your writing good enough to make the sale – even when you aren’t there?

If you want to hook prospects in the business-to-business world, it’s crucial that you have great copywriting regardless of your medium.

Whether you’re reaching out via a website, print advertising, electronic or direct mail, it’s important that your efforts aren’t just good – they’re better than the bulk to your competitors.

Remember that if your copy is just “good” and doesn’t differentiate from your competitors… businesses might choose your service, and they might not. But instead of leaving it to random chance, why not construct copy that can survive a hard-edged interrogation from a professional in their field?

Here are the questions on the mind of a business prospect as they read your advertisement, why they think that way, and how to convince them.

#1 – Are you a specialist?

We all want specialized experts for our specialized needs, situations, or business operations. Even when we work with a larger business, we do it because we’re confident that they have someone on the staff that can help our specific needs.

That’s why effective copy is specific copy – not just in the benefits offered, but in the audience we target.The more specific, the better.

#2 – I already have someone for this service – why do I need yours?

While it’s a copywriting cliche to lead with benefits rather than features, there are times when a statement of features works – with a highly technical audience that looks at those features all the time and can instantly absorb the benefits of those statistics and specs.

If you can show the difference in performance and results between you and your competitors – you’ll make a stark impression in your B2B writing.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to stand apart.

#3 – How can I justify this investment to my peers?

Whether it’s our partners, bosses, or investors, it’s rare that businesses make purchases on a single person’s say-so. That’s why it’s important that you drill your sales pitch to a simple message that uses stark, simple language.

And if you are using longer sales copy, it’s important to use headlines, subheaders, bullets, and short paragraphs so that it’s easy for prospects to scan and find the information most relevant to them.

If you can figure out the benefits that our prospects want the most, you can craft a message they’ll appreciate.

#4 – Where’s the proof?

Obviously, prospects are looking for credibility wether they’re in business or not. But it’s especially important to bowl business prospects over with testimonials from other respected figures they’ve heard of, strong guarantees, and inexpensive trials they can sign on to before making a commitment.

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