How To Start A Journalism Career

Journalism is perhaps one career that pays lucratively right now, that is if you are one of those popular news anchors who define what we need to hear and know every morning or evening. The same also goes with editors of magazines and daily newspapers who help shape the opinions and needs of people. This is how powerful journalists can be. Well, those at the top of the food chain are.

Journalists who are however still starting out cannot look forward to the same paycheck. In fact, some journalists even take on extra odd jobs just to be able to make both ends meet. This career is actually a lot like being a movie star in terms of the pay. Salary gets higher as you climb the career ladder and ironically, when you are on the top you don’t even need the cash because everything will virtually be given free to you- freebies, foreign trips, events.

But you don’t get that high salary cap in just a flick of the hands. Journalism is hard work and you need to realize that before you really decide to get into it. Behind the glamour is work that needs dedication and commitment. And you need to get that in your head. Otherwise, you will only make it harder for yourself because of really high expectations which will only end up disappointing you. This is perhaps the first thing that you really need to do before you embark in a journalism career.

The second thing that you have to do is to examine your talents and then your skills to see if they suit the profession. A journalism career will involve a talent in writing and in interviewing, if you are getting into the daily newspapers and in hosting and broadcasting if you are aiming for television. When you go further in your career, you also need to develop the aesthetics for layout and formatting of shows for broadcast. You will need that as you climb the media ladder.

If you have the skills then the next stop is to gain the experience and the education for the job. You can do this by checking schools for degree programs and trainings on writing and interviewing. Colleges also offer courses on media and journalism. As for the experience, there are media companies that are offering internships and on job training for young professionals and students. Of course, getting into one will need some work but if you have the education and the skill, you can certainly get into the program.

When you have done all these things, then you can apply for a real job in media companies. Newbies often start as editorial assistants or news reporters. This becomes their stepping stone to a bigger and better position in the news organization or media outfit.

Getting a proper job will ensure that you will have better training. Having one will also give you the responsibilities and will expose you to the real world of journalism. That way, you can learn first hand what goes on behind the scenes.

What is great about a career in journalism is the fact that you can enjoy while working. Thus, work will not feel like work. You may not notice it but time will fly and you will find yourself eventually in a higher position.

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