College Preparation For A Journalism Career

Aside from entering a showbusiness career, many young people are dreaming of a journalism career because they think that this is one the easiest ways to be famous. While it’s true that a career in journalism would take one into greater heights in terms of popularity, it is not as easy as it seems.

So, to prepare yourself for tough road ahead, it is best if you start preparing and qualifying yourself for the position. Many experts in the field agree that journalism is a hard industry to break into. This is because aside from the credentials needed such as the degree and the skills that are required, people who are looking forward to a journalism career are expected to be creative, detail-oriented, and intuitive. Being in college is the best time to prepare for a journalism career, so it is best to:

Take a course related to journalism. Getting a degree in journalism is the best credential one could have if they are aiming for a journalism career. Although this is really not the only thing that matters, if one was able to finish a degree in journalism, it means that he or she might have the skills needed for the position. If it’s not possible for you to spend four years for a journalism degree, then you should consider taking up programs that can help you get started with it. Many schools offer classes for specific skills training such as writing and editing.

In fact, it is even easier and more convenient these days with the help of modern technology such as the Internet. Now, there are online classes that are related to fields of journalism such as news writing, feature writing, layout design, videography, photography, and even HTML because of the emerging market of new media. If you are able to educate yourself in different fields of media, you have greater chances of making that journalism career come true since you are now more knowledgeable and versatile.

Write for the newspaper inside the campus. Most of the best journalists out there have started their journalism career while still in college. This is because being a student can give them more freedom since they only have to think of what articles that would benefit their school community. If you are looking forward to a journalism career, writing for a college paper could serve as your best training ground.

Here, you will have your first taste of fame once you see your byline on the paper. You will also know how it feels like to get your work edited and will learn to be more versatile when writing. Being in the newspaper while in college will basically give you an idea how it is like to work for a real publication less the salary issues and other office political issues.

Try to get as many internships if you can. Internship is the next best thing to working for a certain publication. If you are able to secure an internship for several publications, you will have an idea how it is like in the real pressroom. Internships aim to give students a first taste of how it is like to work on the real thing.

So, if you can, while still in college, you should get as many internships as possible so you will have these experience to back you up once you start with your own journalism career.