Freelance Writing As A Stepping Stone To Journalism Career

Knowing how to write is the most basic skill that one needs to launch a journalism career. However, not all writers—no matter how good they might be—are given the chance or the break that they need.

Some good writers opt to wait for that big break for a journalism career. Although this is the ideal thing to do, this is not the most practical option especially if one needs to earn for a living. So, what does the best option aspiring journalist have but to engage in freelance writing?

Where freelance writing could lead you

Freelance writing means that one is writing article for different publications. Usually, the editors of the publication give freelance writers assignments or topics to write about and are being paid per article submitted. While other freelance writers just write articles about random topics and find the suitable publication for their works all by themselves.

Experts say launching a journalism career can be difficult especially to newly graduates but they should not lose hope in getting their big break. Instead of waiting for that big break to come, what they can do is to create their own “break” by getting into freelance writing. The following are some of advantages of freelance writing and tips that can help aspiring journalists to get their dream job:

1. Freelance writing can help you create a network of people from the journalism industry. Submitting articles for various publications such as newspapers, magazines, and even online sites can help you meet people who are already in the journalism industry for a long time now. If you are able to keep in touch with them and establish a good working relationship with them, then there’s a greater chance for them to recommend you once a position in their media outfit has been vacated.

2. Join a network of fellow writers. Since you are working all alone, freelancing can be a depressing work at times. So, to keep you from getting bored and distracted, you can join network of other writers who you can keep in touch with. By joining networks or groups such as these, you are also opening yourself up to the possibility of meeting people who can help you launch your own journalism career.

3. Always be professional. Although you are not working for a certain media outfit full time, it is best to always maintain professionalism when conducting business. No matter what the size of the publication you are working for in any specific assignment, it is your responsibility to always meet the deadline so no person or business would suffer from your neglect. Always submit neat copies of the manuscripts or articles. If they have more demands, try to accommodate them for as long as you don’t suffer much.

4. Ensure that the communication lines are always open. Freelance writers are hired to ensure that the editor’s job would be easier. If you want to land on a journalism career by using freelance writing as a first step, always make sure that you keep your lines open so if there’s a query or clarification in the article that you have submitted, it will be easier to contact you.

If you make it a habit to keep your communications line open, editors will be easier to get in touch with you once there is an opening for a journalist or writer position in their publication.