Fun Size Copy – How To Write Hypnotic Emails On Autopilot

Email is a solid medium for fast, direct response. Your mailing list already has a relationship with you, your message goes directly in front of their eyeballs, and – more than any other medium – your list has the ability to take action on your offer within seconds.

But there are challenges, too. With so many distractions competing for their attention, every email you send needs to be incredibly engaging. When you follow these steps, you’ll find it easier than ever to make emails that get opened, read, and acted on.

#1 – Laser Target Your Audience

Want to write an effective email fast? Write with your audience in mind. You can get away with a lot of small mistakes as long as you’re thinking about your prospects desires, fears, and frustrations.

#2 – Don’t Write A Cute Headline

Numerous tests have shown that simple, benefit driven headlines get better response rates than subjects based on puns, wordplay, and indirect implication. Let people know the main benefit they’ll get from opening your email.

What will they get, and more importantly, how will it make them feel? Remember that people buy things (and open emails) for emotional reasons, and then use logic to justify it.

Don’t hesitate to use words like “free” in your copy or use all caps (sparingly) – if you’re using a trusted domain or email service, you’ll be fine.

#3 – Write Emotional Copy

Keep a consistent, emotional tone through your emails. Before you start writing, decide what the “hot buttons” are that will sell your copy. Try to keep the same tone throughout your email.

As you write, think of phrases and questions that will incite their curiosity, press their hot buttons, and keep them reading.

Chances are, you aren’t the only email in their inbox, so it’s important to write dense, interesting copy.

#4 – Make It Personal

When people read their emails, they’re in a comfort zone. They’re much more ready to read correspondence from friends than pitches from a faceless corporate entity.

Don’t be afraid to tell a personal story or two to “warm up” your reader, or use the same kind of personal language you would in an email to a friend.

#5 – Break It Up

Want your customers to DASH for the delete button? Make giant blocks of text for them to read through.

While people have no problem reading a meaty article, they’re terrified of committing to an email of that size. That means you should keep your email short and broken up.

Use short sentences, short paragraphs, dashes, and ellipses in order to make your email easier to scroll and digest.

#6 – Close The Deal

What’s the goal of your email?

Whatever it is, you need to ask your prospects to help you achieve that goal.

If you want a response, ask them to respond. If you want them to read your next email, tell them what they should be looking forward to, and when to expect the message. If you’d like them to make a purchase – ask!

No matter how good your email is, it’ll be less effective if you don’t ask for the order.

#7 – Offer An Incentive

Can you spice up your promotion efforts by offering special deals to your mailing list? If you can offer something that you don’t offer to the general public, you increase the incentive for your prospects to act!

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