How Do You Break Into A Journalism Career?

For people who are looking forward to a journalism career, there are so many things that they can do to move an inch higher to their dream. For young people who were already to determine in themselves that a journalism career is really the profession that they would want to pursue, they can start gaining all they need to be qualified for the job.

Young ones should be arming themselves with the necessary skills in becoming a journalist such as writing. To do this, they should practice writing articles more often and monitor their improvement. To be more knowledgeable about the craft, they should also enroll in various writing workshops where the resource speakers are the ones who have been in the industry long enough to share their first-hand experiences. Aside from meeting famous writers and journalists, attending writing workshops can also help you improve your craft and will introduce you more into the technicalities of writing such as styles, structures and the like.

To widen your vocabulary, it is also a must that you read the newspaper regularly. Aside from current events and news, reading feature articles in magazines and even novels can help you be familiar with certain writing styles that can help you in creating your own in the future.

When you get to college, it is best to take up a journalism degree in a reputable school. Although this may seem minor, it would matter when credentials would be asked when you apply to a certain publication. Even if you think that you have the best writing skills in town, some employers are looking at track record to determine if you are really fit for the job.

While in journalism in school, you will be trained in all aspects of the field. Aside from training your writing skills, the school will open you up to other possibilities of the field such as the business side and other fields that may help you decide which field you are really suited to. Here, you will also have the opportunity to meet the “masters” in the field and you will also be able to use the school publication as the training ground for your future journalism career.

Getting the break

Some people are lucky enough to have a journalism career while still in school. These are rare cases and if you did not have that chance, you don’t have to feel bad about it. Probably, it is not yet your time. Instead of sulking into depression for not getting the position who have been aspiring for, it is best to create your own opportunity by learning how to market one’s self, coming up with a strong portfolio, and know when is the best time to break into the field.

1. Selling one’s self. This is a very important aspect because employers and editors would not believe you if you just say that you are good. During an interview for a position, try to mention some of your good qualities that can be assets to the company such as resourcefulness, creativity, and productivity.

2. Be willing to start small. If you are a fresh graduate, don’t expect that you will get the position you want right away. Since the journalism field is competitive, it is best if you will have mindset of starting small. Those who are enjoying their journalism career nowadays are the ones who underwent through the ladder of success.