How To Use Metaphor To Break Out

Boring Product? Use This Secret To Break Out Forever!

Skeptical customers aren’t born. They’re made – forged over years of relentless advertising and “samey” sales copy. That doesn’t mean those customers are against spending money, or immune to the basic desires that drive emotional buying. It just means that most advertising doesn’t actually stoke those desires.

It’s easier said than done – there are lots of competing products and services out there, and they all promise similar results – saving money, better relations with the opposite sex, or a house that runs with less hassle.

If you ask me… if you can stand out from the crowd and hook THESE customers, you can hook anyone. Using specific examples can help break through the fog. Instead of just “saving money,” for example, you can give a direct example of how much you can expect to save.

But even if your product saves $500 a month, chances are your prospects won’t think in those terms. They’ll process the number in terms of its impact on their daily life. Maybe it means they can finally take a vacation. Maybe they can pay a month’s rent, or put a down payment on a big purchase.

That’s why the use of a metaphor can hit your prospect’s emotional buttons directly. It can also seprarate you from your competiton.

Here’s an example. Gary Halbert was once hired by a cosmetics company to write an advertisement for facial cream that motivated people to buy on the spot. Sounds like a tough job, right? After all, there are plenty of facial creams out there, and they all promise similar benefits.

But by pitching the facial cream as “The Amazing Face Lift In A Jar,” he motivated prospects to think of that product in a completely different way. When your product seems like it can’t break through, think about ways to use metaphor and get people thinking about you in a fresh way.

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