Paving The Way For A Journalism Career

Hundreds of people are dreaming to have a journalism career but not every one of them is given the opportunity to realize that dream. This is because not all of them are determined enough to go after that dream while others can no longer wait for that “big break” to come.

If you are one of those who don’t want to let that dream go, there are so many ways that you can do to achieve it. The first thing that you can do is to get yourself closer to that dream. How? You can do this by preparing yourself and equipping yourself for the job.

Preparation can start as early as your younger years. If you feel that you really want to take this path, you should start enhancing your skills as early as possible. You can start enhancing your writing skills by coming up with a journal where you can express all your thoughts. Every now and then, review what you have written to check the grammar, the structure, the coherence, and the style. Once you are able to take notice of these factors, you can try writing with a certain style on the next journal.

You can also join writing workshops that are being held during summer or semestral breaks. During this time, you can meet other people who are also interested in a future journalism career and you can exchange views with them. You may also meet your mentor here that can guide you in your writing or journalism career in the future.

Aside from writing, you can also enhance your journalism skills by widening your vocabulary. Reading a wide variety of reading materials such as books and magazines can do this. If you engage yourself in reading, you can get some tips and style from the writers themselves. You can try these styles and find out which one would best suit you.

When you get to college, you may also want to find a good school that offers a journalism degree. Although some say that finishing a journalism degree is not really “all that” for a journalism career, it will pay to finish it because this will be among your major credentials. Aside from giving a degree, enrolling in a journalism school will also help you to be trained for the serious tasks ahead. Here, you will have the opportunity to meet great journalists and learn from them and you will also have the training ground where you can get your works published—the school paper.

After graduation, you might be absorbed by the media outfit where you did your internship. But, if this doesn’t happen, you can always apply in other companies. Landing on a journalism career would not be that easy but don’t be disheartened. Instead of waiting for that break to come, try to create you own opportunities. You can do this by starting off as a freelance writer or contributor. Here, you can meet people in the industry who can hook you up in certain positions that are vacated by previous writers.

You can also start small such as a copy aide, the entry-level newsroom assistants, and work your way up. During this stage, what you can do is relish the experience and learn everything that you can learn. And by that time that a journalism career would land on your lap, you will be more than ready and qualified for the job.


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