Qualities To Possess For A Successful Journalism Career

Veterans in the media industry would agree that a journalism career is not for everybody. This is because aside from having superior writing skills, having a journalism career entails so much more.

If you are one of those who are applying to be a journalist or its equivalent in a certain publication, it is a must that you take note of these qualities that most employers—especially the editors—look for their employees:

1. Being a “people person”. Working for a newspaper or any publication would require you to possess qualities that other people will appreciate such as being nice, sincerity, loyalty, and being considerate. Many editors agree that a journalist cannot come up with a good story without the help of other people—especially their sources—who they consider as their reference persons. If you want a journalism career, you should be able to work with all kinds of people from all walks of life.

2. Has a pleasing and decent personality. Journalists are the ones that are usually stay on the field when they gather news stories and come up with articles. When they are outside the office, the represent their company in whatever event there is. Since the journalist serves as the “face” of the company as well as of his or her editors, it is must that he or she should be able to represent the company well by knowing how to act and react to situations. If you are looking forward to a journalism career, you should start building your reputation as early as now. You must know how to act appropriately since you will reflect the company, what it stands for and its people as well.

3. A balanced personality and strong character. This is very important for people who are aiming at journalism careers to have a strong character because the very nature of the job calls for it. Since you will be dealing with all kinds of people and personalities, it is a must that the journalist has a balanced personality so he or she could adjust very well to any situation. And, he or she should be strong enough to separate the job from his or personal objections or opinions because this will really help the story to come out better and unbiased.

4. Should be able to tolerate stress well. People who are looking forward to a journalism career should prepare for the biggest test on the field—dealing with pressure. Journalism is all about deadlines. And when you say deadline, it is always synonymous to stress. Why? because everything in this field is all about competition. Your editor will get mad at you if you don’t get the biggest scoop in town. For you to do the story well and meet the deadline for editing and publication, it is a must that you know how to handle and deal with pressure well so this will not affect your work output.

5. Knows how to value ethics in the field. The journalism industry is a hard one penetrate because it’s all about time and all about competition. It might seem that people in this field are vulnerable and easy to be corrupted. If you are one of those who are looking forward to a journalism career, it is a must that as early as now, you should be able to memorize in your heart the ethics of the field so you won’t be sidetracked once other factors come along the way.